How to Restore NTFS Partition Data?

NTFS stands for New Technology File System, an improved and updated version of FAT file system. It includes improved support for metadata. In NTFS advanced data structure is used to improve performance, reliability, disk space utilization, file system journaling, and additional extensions such as security via good encryption. This New Technology File System partition has several different limits, which are based on the number of drive clusters. For example: Under Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 Setup, the NTFS partition can range from 7MB to 2TB. It is the primary file system used in Microsoft's Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT operating system.

Are you wondering about what you need to do for restoring your lost data from NTFS partition on Windows operating system? NTFS data recovery from Personal Computer’s whose one or more hard disk partitions are formatted becomes important if there are crucial data that have been lost due to formatting issues. There are some unavoidable scenarios which may lead to data loss from NTFS partitions on different versions of Windows operating system. But don’t worry!! You can easily restore formatted NTFS partitions and at the same time restore Windows OS by using powerful Windows data recovery software.

Let us consider another scenario where user may come across a scenario when his Windows operating System displays an error message which says “File Format not supported”. At this very particular time user may get annoyed and try out every work around to overcome the hurdle. But he sits back disheartened as nothing seems to improve the situation. Well do not freak out, you are just few clicks away from recovering your valuable NTFS files. This recovery software is best suited for such error prone situations. This application is also used as Photo recovery software for Windows 7 and restores deleted or lost images from Windows 7 hard disk at your fingertips. We shall take a glance at other scenarios briefly.

Reasons that can affect your NTFS files:

There is plenty of innumerable reason behind loss of NTFS data and files such as corrupt partition table, improper file type conversion etc.


It is strongly advised not to perform any read write operation or download and upload any files after deletion of data in order to prevent overwrite issues. Always try to keep a backup files and avoid using unsecure third party application to protect your files.

What is special about NTFS data recovery tool?

The tool has been crafted using advanced modules and amazing features as it has the ability to even recover deleted files in Windows 8 operating system, which makes it must-have software for all Windows users. This application recovers deleted files with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute from NTFS formatted drives. It is available free on internet; you can easily download the software and carry on with the recovery process.

Guidelines on how NTFS data recovery program works.