Recover Lost Data After Repartitioned Hard Drive

System hard drives are divided into multiple parts for saving and retrieving data from it. These hard drive parts are known as partitions. People can create these drive partitions according to their requirements and also able to extend and shrink the size of them by using Windows Disk Management Utility. With the help of this inbuilt Windows tool, people can create a new partition and also able to delete existing hard drive partition without any difficulty. This Utility also allows people to repartition of existing Windows system hard drive partitions. By using this feature, people can easily shrink or extend the memory size of drive partition without destroying the data present in it.

Apart from these features of hard drive partitions, sometimes people can face data loss issue due to repartition process. This situation can happen due to the interruption of repartition process. In such painful situations, people want to recover data after repartition on Windows system at any cost because it may contain some important business data. For recovering data from repartition on Windows laptop, people need a highly advanced third party app like Windows Recovery Software because there is no other manual way to get back data after repartition on Windows computer. This utility is specially developed for recovering data from repartition with the help of an advanced searching algorithm.    

Common Causes of Data Loss after Repartition on Windows:  

  • During repartition of hard drive, if any interruption occurs, such as power outage or system freeze, then this process gets terminated and lead to data inaccessibility saved on the drive partition.
  • Incorrect selection of hard drive partition for repartition process can also be a cause of data loss or deletion from it.
  • Extending or shrinking the size of partition by using an unreliable third party tool can lead to inaccessibility of partition by which data stored on the partition become unreachable.
  • Improper way of repartition or using any incorrect method for expending or shrinking the partition memory size will lead to the corruption of its file system. To access the data saved on this file system corrupted partition, people need to format it which will erase complete data saved on the partition.

Features of Windows Recovery Software:

  • Supports to recover data after repartition on Windows systems, including Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista and many other within few simple mouse clicks easily.
  • Helps to recover different types of data files after repartition on Windows computer like mp3 files, video clips, applications, pictures, text files, documents, programs and many others.
  • After completing the recovery of data from drive partitions, it enables people to take the preview of recovered data before saving them to another drive partition.
  • Allows people to recover data from hard drive which is into the state of damaged, formatted, inaccessible or corrupted without any more difficulty.
  • Windows Recovery Software is capable of recovering data after repartition on Windows system which can support any file systems such as NTFS, FAT32 and NTFS5 very easily.
  • Not only recover data from Windows partitions, but also allows to recover data from various external data storage drive, including pen drive, flash drive, Solid state drive, memory cards and many others.    

Steps To Recovery Data from Repartition Hard Drive on Windows operating system: